Monday, 1 October 2012

Delivery Day

Delivery Day here at fsv HQ. A huge parcel arrives and I am once again dazzled by our American supplier managing to pack these beautiful jars so they arrive without a scratch. I do have to admit to the unpacking process taking a teeny bit longer than it should because I read the American newspapers the jars are wrapped in. I enjoy seeing how much it costs for anything from a bathroom sink to a pack of cookies.
I must also admit I am having one of those weeks where you seem to be on the go with no spare time to stop and still not getting anywhere. Now as an added distraction our supplier put in some Presto Jar Company glass lids so I will have no choice but to begin an adventure by searching out everything I can! The lids are actually very cool! Apart from that ~when we embarked on this journey of turning Vintage Mason into beautiful Soy candles we discussed the fact we simply cant just toss some soy in a vintage jar and send it on its merry way. We need to able to give the customer a little bit of info on each of these beauties ~even if its just a date range. We need to be able to say with absolute certainty that these are Vintage Mason Jars and not replicas.

I find I can spend literally hours late into the night just searching for any snippet of information I can ~hmmmmmm obsessed much?

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