Tuesday, 13 May 2014

©Websters Chalk Paint? Ohhhh yeah

How excited am I????? Super Duper excited!

©Websters Chalk Paint Powder

We are the North Brisbane stockists for this amazing product along with ©L'essentiel Beeswax Polish and I cannot begin to tell you how fab it is!

So how bout I show you a little project I have just finished using Websters and L'essentiel Beeswax Polish?

I found a set of drawers that were a little bit the sadder for wear and tear but I could see the potential.  (I found them at Redcliffe 2nd Hand ~ my "Go To Place " for Fab pieces to revamp. )

The Drawers Before

The top had been damaged somewhere along the way and I was a bit concerned about what to do to fix it.
But ~I am getting ahead of myself. Let us begin at the beginning:

You will need:

* 2 x Tablespoons of ©Websters Chalk Paint mix ~available at FS Vintage
* 1 x Tablespoon of Water
* 1 x Cup of any semi / low gloss latex paint in any color you like
* Jar for mixing
* ©LÉSSENTIEL Hand Made Beeswax for finishing

First take 2 x Tablespoons of ©Websters Chalk Paint Powder & pop into the mixing Jar. Then add 1 x Tablespoon of water.

Two Tablespoons of Chalk Paint Powder with One Tablespoon of water

Give that a bit of a shake to mix it up.
Next add your One Cup of Latex paint and give it a damn good shake! I shook it up while counting to 60 and then doin the Hokey Pokey after shaking it all about ....

Not really ....

Add One Cup of Paint

Well shaken!

You are now ready to revamp!

I did three coats ~ my choice ~ and I gotta say this product is brilliant! I used a bit of leftover bluey / violety I had as a base and did the other two coats in a tin of white that was in the garage and I cant read the name .........
My one jar did the full three coats including inside the drawers and went on smoothly and without any of the lumpy grainy bits you sometimes can find in Chalk Paints. Very impressed with how far it spreads and I really enjoyed how easily it went on! 
(Check the end of this post for an extra I did with the left over paint on the brush prior to cleaning!!)

Now remember ~ no prep work was done on the drawers except for my normal clean. I generally go over the entire piece with a damp cloth and warm water with a drop of Eucalyptus. 
I like the smell ....
I also really like the shabby look so I don't sand but it really is your choice!

Now came the tricky part. I was unable to leave the house while doing this so I had to come up with a way to fix the top as painting alone wasnt cutting it. 
Yeah ..Yeah ..I could have waited .... but I was so excited once I had started that I simply had to keep going!
I remembered some vintage receipts I had found on Ebay from a French Drapers. Hmmmm would they work? I knew I had scanned them into the computer so found them and printed them out slightly changing the color to suit.

I did not want to use the originals so thought this way I might be able to create some kind of collage.

I also had issues with the Drawer knobs. I could only remove one and even using a hammer could not dislodge the others so they had to stay!

Would this work? Could I do this? Would it look dodgy?

I used PVA Wood Glue to create the Collage and waited patiently ....... (* tapping foot) for the glue to harden and then put a little more water in my jar to create a kind of white wash with the leftover paint. I then sponged that over the replica dockets to create a softer look.

I then gently went over the edges with a piece of sandpaper to make it look chippy ( I love the chippy look ~the chippier the better). I have been known to use a paint scraper to make something look raggady and distressed. The whole point is: This is YOUR creation ........... so Create! 

Next came the scrumptiously delicious ©L'essentiel Beeswax Polish. This fab product is manufactured by hand right here in Brisbane by Vintage Roses & Things at Wellington Point. It glides on like a dream and buffs to a gorgeous shine and as a bonus? Smells wonderful. All natural and seriously Fabulous! I have FINALLY found a wax that works beautifully and does NOT hurt my hands.

So ~ you ready to see the final product? I finished the whole thing using one of our vintage look hand painted ceramic knobs ( available at FS Vintage
I also have a heap of old frames we are re vamping into Blackboards and thought .....

"Hmmmmmmm would the glass from one of those frames fit over the top as a kind of protection?"

Indeed it did ~kinda sorta with just a smidge extra  on either side.

Recycling and re purposing at it's BEST!


As an added extra ~I had a set of Shoe stretchers that were a kind of dull red and just looked a little tired & and sad. 
Before I washed my brush I simply went over them with the remains of the Chalk Paint ~ cut up a little bit of heavy blue and white french fabric I had leftover and stuck it on with craft glue. Bit of a whitewash to soften and finishing with my ©LÉSSENTIEL wax.

Revamped old Shoe Stretchers

Our first Workshop showcasing these brilliant products is coming very soon. Spaces are limited so we can make sure everyone has the attention and help needed to leave confident they can revamp, re purpose and create beautiful additions to their homes.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

Stay Fabulous

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  1. Great post! Thank you very much! We just had to share it on our Websters fb page <3 Keep up the great work!!!!

    1. Wow! Thankyou so much! I absolutely LOVE working with your product!

  2. Wowsers Tracy - they look absolutely fantastic and I shall certainly be trying out Websters paints for myself. I love what you've done with the drawers, particularly with the old receipt. The shoe lasts are wonderful and I've recommended a local business to check out your page. Love your work. xx

    1. Thankyou so much The Restful Nest!