Sunday, 25 May 2014

Are we lovin ©Websters & Léssentiel? Oh yeah .....

I simply HAD to let you know how these amazing products were working out for us here at FS Vintage.

I am in a state of shock to be completely honest.

So someone tells you : "Yeah yeah this is the BEST thing EVER" and you listen and you nod and then discover it is ok but not everything you hoped it would be...........?

Not the case with ©Websters & ©Léssentiel Wax.

Before ©Websters Chalk Paint & ©Léssentiel Wax

You all know by now my hands are horrific and I basically wear gloves all the time ~ (I rock the whole Doris Day White Glove thing ~ just sayin) and I ignore the snickers and smirks. I have seen the Safety Data sheets for the products and it is all very well and good for a Government Body to tell me it is all Natural and Eco friendly ....... blah blah and wont harm my skin ......... blah blah BLAH.
It's Fabulous these products meet the high standards set and I am very pleased to read the official documents ........

Bottom line is I have no idea what will cause a reaction so I basically approach everything very very carefully.
Today was a wee bit nerve wracking because I decided ~To be able to genuinely promote a product with absolute honesty ~I need to do the ultimate test ......

No gloves.

It was with great trepidation I took a very deep breathe and started on a couple of old chair's I had in the garage.

I love the metal inserts.

At the end of a long day ~Yeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Nothing ~ not a tickle, not an itch, not a swelling finger to be seen.

There was happy dancing around the Shop and much woohooing and Ohhhh yeahing and even some fist pumping.

So ~ today we used my personal all time favorite ~

1 x Cup of Antique White USA mixed with
2 x Tablespoons of ©Websters Chalk Paint Powder
1 x Tablespoon of water

The mix actually did 2 and a bit coats and also an old frame I had sitting around. Now I must say ~ these chairs have metal inserts and the ©Websters simply glided over the metal exactly the same as the wood!

©Websters Chalk Paint powder available at FS Vintage

A very light sand and distress with a wet scourer ( my preferred method) then completely seal with ©Léssentiel Wax. I am seriously loving this Wax. Easy to use ~ a LITTLE goes a LONG way and it even smells nice.....

All in all:

* All Natural ~ Check
* Easy to use ~ Check
* Beautiful buffed finish ~ Check
* Does not have any affect on my hands ~Check Check and DOUBLE CHECK!

Easy to Use ©Léssentiel Wax available at FS Vintage

Léssentiel Beeswax Polish ~All Natural ~Available at FS Vintage

We now have an old chair ~ revamped to go! Super pleased with how well these turned out and they now available for sale.

The finished Chair. Do you see the shine?

Metal inserts in back

I will leave you with a couple of Tips.

Fabulous Tip #1: In between coats ~ put your brush in a zip lock bag then you don't have to wash it out before continuing your revamp.

Ziplock Bag will stop your Brush drying out

Fabulous Tip #2: Clean up after every revamp

This is the Jar I use for mixing my ©Websters. I take the time to wash and clean everything before I put it away. Sounding like an Old Nana much?

Oh yeah!

It only takes a few minutes to make sure your tools are clean & ready for inspiration!

Really it takes a just few minutes to clean up when using ©Websters and you are ready to go when the mood & inspiration takes you .....

Create, Restore, Revamp and make your home seriously Fabulous


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Love the chair. I can't wait to try the Websters xx

    1. I have fingers firmply crossed my parcels arrive today! *squirmy excitement*