Sunday, 1 June 2014

Junky now Funky with Websters

Came across this set of Drawers for a great price along with an old silky Oak cabinet ~ (That is of course another story coming soon) ~ on Gumtree along with the added bonus of meeting the lovely couple who were selling!

Isn't the wood perfectly Fabulous??

I am so insane stupid happy with these drawers but they were not quite perfectly Fabulous as I wanted them to be chippy & really distressed.

I thought I would show you what I did to achieve the look.

Dreamy drawers

Once I saw the actual drawers I simply could NOT paint them entirely and wanted a really shabby look with plenty of this beautiful old wood showing through the Websters.

I gave them a good clean with my usual Euclytptus Oil and water on a damp cloth then mixed up a batch of really wishy washy Websters.

I used the following recipe:

2 x Tablespoons of Websters Chalk Paint Powder
1/2 Cup of water
1/2 Cup of Dulux Antique White USA.

Gave it a really good mix then applied three coats allowing time to dry between each one.

I then set about distressing them exactly the way I wanted.
A method I really like is using one of those Purple Vileda Cloths. You know the ones that are soft on one side and kinda scratchy on the other?

I used it quite damp and simply went over the paint to achieve the shabby scrappy look I wanted.

The top & drawers were given two coats of L'essentiel wax to achieve the soft deep shine and single coat over the entire piece to seal.
A good buff before they made their way upstairs to begin life .... again.

Scrumptious scrappy shabby Fabulousness

Side View
Drawer Front

 Are you ready for the final finished piece?
What do you think? Is this the kid of thing you would like to do? Then why not attended one of our Websters Workshops?

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  1. You did a lovely job !! Never thought this would work out so well. xxx

    1. Thanks Shirley ~ I am so pleased with this look!