Sunday, 29 June 2014


Day One: 
So they take us in a bus to the dock and we unload and proceed through Security. You can imagine the Security is pretty tight but did run very smoothly.
After we had gone through Security, Mish approached a NCL assistant to ask what we do as we are registered in a Suite .......


So that is when the really REALLY cool stuff starts. We are ushered through the lines and lines of people to a special room only available to Suite holders. We are then assigned our Concierge and Butler.
We are then taken on board and escorted to our Suites to drop bags and bits and pieces. Your luggage is delivered a few hours later and left outside your door for unpacking OR you can ask the Butler to do it for you. Bruno is our Concierge, Henry is our Butler and David looks after the room. It is a little like magic ..... you go to say have a meal and you come back to find fresh water, fresh cups, bed turned down and made along with fresh coffee for the Super Duper Coffee Machine located in your Suite. 

Oh my goodness.

We were then taken to lunch at one of the resturants available only to Suite holders *laughing madly* and enjoyed an amazing lunch which included a Warmed Brownie that pretty much caused us to swoon.

Down to the Suite to unpack and feel out the lay of the land so to speak. We quickly unpacked ourselves and had a mandatory drill for safety on board the Ship. We then simply stood on our balcony sipping the complimentary Champagne and eating the Chocolate covered strawberries which are delivered every afternoon to our Stateroom. Gorgeous fresh flowers are awaiting you as you enter your Suite.

Oh yeahhhhhhh Seriously Fabulous.

After we had all that done we decided to go to the Italian Resturant from dinner which was so incredibly scrumptious mere words from this Blogger would fail to convey to you the explosion of fabulous sensations which assualted our taste buds.

Finished the evening with a trip to the Casino which as you would know by now is a massive waste of time for Le' Fabulous Family but heaps of fun had along the way.

Day Two:
Oh dear God kill me NOW. Yep .... No Salty Old Sealegged Persons here ... move along nothing to see except me throwing up and feeling very sorry for myself.
We went to bed last night and I was laughing at how the bed rolls and you can feel the movement but DAMN I was NOT laughing this morning.
Mr Fab had to contact Henry our Butler .....actually I just wanted to write .. Henry our Butler ... anyway dear Henry brought down a supply of Sea Sick Pills and I promptly took two and went back to the rolling bed hoping I would not throw up again.
I have to say I am surprised as I always thought of myself as a seaworthy creature but apparently not. There will be no Arrrrhhhhhh Me Heartys and Piraty type shenanigans here.
Tonight we have been invited to a Cocktail Party with the Capitan so I am making sure we are there for sure!!!!!

The Cocktail Party was lovely with some very odd drinks tried and now tested. Down to Cagneys for a Steak dinner which was delicious. Actually all the food so far has been delicious and the really cool thing is I can pretty much do what I want as it all can be fixed when we return home. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *slightly manic laugh*
While waiting to go to dinner we were looking out over the whatever the hell it is side of the boat and saw a Mum Whale come up out of the water with her baby. It was AWESOME! 
I mean seriously .... waiting to go to dinner and you see whales???????


We are getting up early in the morning for Day 3 as we will be pulling into port for a day of looking around Ketchikan. We arrived back in our room and spent 5 minutes laughing at the towel creature David had left for us .... he had found Mr Fabs glasses and decided to be a bit creative.

We are already planning our next cruise in a couple of years .... the problem with going Suite Style first time is you are spoiled rotten. We like having our every whim catered to with a smile ......
 Not something we have every day for sure!

See you in a couple of days Fabsters .....

Revamp, Restyle & Be Fabulous!


  1. OMG !!! What a super Fabulous time you and Mr. Fab are having !!! You will never cruise another way !! SUITE ! The Magic Word :-) xxx

  2. So glad that the pills have worked - sea sickness is just dreadful. The suite sounds totally FABULOUS!!