Friday, 20 June 2014

San Diego we have arrived.

Hello Fabsters coming to you live from San Diego. All is right in the Fabulous World so lets get down to todays Blog.
We set off this morning bright & early after setting up our GPS ...... who I might add ... does not hate us as much as the one we had last time.

I asked Mr Fab if he enjoyed the driving here in the US and he was like ......... HELL YES!

Allllll righty then ..... Happy Mr Fab is happy me.

We are staying at The Best Western American Inn in San Diego and apparently we are about 2 miles from Mexico. It is extremely interesting and I have learned to say Gracias rather than thankyou and also Hola for hello. 
We had decided to do our laundry and trying to find out about washing powder was interesting and I still wonder WHY I speak louder??? Like seriously ... is speaking louder going to make me understood? 
After much hand swishing to indicate washing clothes I did manage to get washing powder` ....

We also discussed .... should we both be liking sleeping in our own seperate big ol Queen beds quite as much as we do when we are married and in lurve?


Yep we are.

We had to wait for the room to be ready so we decided to go grab a coffee from Macdonalds and use their free WIFI to sort out our day for tomorrow. 
All sorted and it is going to be a big one but very interesting.

We will be going first to the Midway to do the Battleship Tour. Mr Fab is super duper DUPER excited as  you all know by now how much he loves anything Military............Actually, as we were driving along the 805 he started getting quite chuffed as 3 ... count them ... 3 Jet Fighters flew low and loud overhead. 

He gets such a kick out of seeing that sort of thing!!!!!

Bless him.

After we have done the Tour we will then head down to the Boardwalk and just stroll for a few hours taking in the sights.
We would also like to take a trip out to Coronado but will have to see how time permits. 

We discovered we still had time to kill so toddled over to the Premium Outlet Stores which are about a mile from here and the very last US stop before the Border.

We are apparently not going over the Border ........

The Outlets were great and I managed to replenish my True Religion T Shirts. Yes,yes,yes I know I am way to old for True Religion and absolutly PROMISE the makers of True Religion that I will never wear one in public as I am so old but I adore them. Absolutely my all time favorite T shirts and my last one from Vegas was starting to show some wear after about a zillion washes.

Actually I rescind my promise as I may but I will be as discreet as I can ........

I wanted to show you some of the houses and things we have seen. They made me feel incredibly sad. Really I have no right to feel that way as it is none of my business but I simply couldnt help it. The contrast to some of the apartments and homes with lush green grass and flowers to these ones with their requisite bars on the windows and yards full of rubbish was just .... well ..... sad.

Another amazing day and we simply take everything as an adventure. To us nothing is a bad thing and we look on it as simply another happening in an exciting experience.

We will update with loads of pics tomorrow night when we are back and relaxing!

Revamp, Restore & Stay Fabulous!

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