Monday, 23 June 2014

Becoming Howard Hughes

Today is a day of wandering about and just Vegasing..........That is where you amble along with no destination in mind.
I had talked Mr Fab into a visit to the Vegas Pandora store to add to the Travel Pandora. We are very aware of making our suitcases too heavy so we tend to stick to T Shirts and Pandora beads as our Touristy Souvenir stuff. The title of todays Blog is an ode to Mr F who has become a certified Germafobe. He washes his hands with Anticeptic wash everytime he can and there are little dispensers of the stuff all over the Casinos and Hotels so he is constantly using them. I can't as it burns my hands to much but he seems to be happier. He is DETERMINED not to get sick this trip!
So first of all downstairs for the complimentary breaky at The Venetian and once fortified ...... The Strip.

Must pause here to tell you about poor Mr F and the stress he is experiencing with the attire ... no wait ... I should say the LACK of attire on the young girls here for the Music thingy. Last night in the Lifts batch of kooky gals literally had him looking at the roof the whole time but todays I am pretty sure he will have a cricked neck for a week.
I had to gently take his arm and lead him away as he continued to blink for about .... ohhhhh maybe 10 minutes?
The funniest thing is he literally SQUIRMS as he turns back to me after looking. He then blusters and blathers for a full 5 minutes and I just look at him with my Bland Face.
Can pretty much guarentee he treats me like a Precious Glass Princess for a few hours and I could probably ask for anything and get it.

*serene smile*

Not that I would ever take advantage of a situation like that ......... *another serene smile*

The interesting thing is that I honestly dont care what people wear or dont wear. Be who you are and do it well I say. Do NOT apoligise for being ... well you. What I dont get is when these girls who are wearing a G String ... yes a G String ....... with a fluffy midriff top and matching fluffy boots ........

*pause so you can digest that*  

... when those girls get upset when one of the boys has a grab or a feel. 
Honey ... you dont want to be grabbed? Probably be a better idea to wear underpants or ... maybe even shorts? Or Pants? Or skirt?
I have actually never seen people walk around with bare bottoms........

Mr Fab was ruminating on the possiblility that there was a Women Of The Night Annual Convention in Town?

Ok back to our Day. Headed first to The South Outlets as it is insane hot and it is all inside! BONUS!  I was pretty darn happy to find another Fossil Purse I love as much as my current one and Mr Fab wanted a new pair of Levi Jeans.
He found the perfect pair and they even fit his cute little legs so no taking up required! Again ... BONUS!
We walked past a shop selling T Shirts .... in vegas ..... *blink* and Mr Fab simply HAD to have this little one for his Granddaughter who will probably be the most indulged little girl on the planet.

How Fabulous is that????????

After the Outlets we decided to go to The Luxor and see the Titanic Exhibition. I have been fascinated by the story for many years so was very keen to see this. The cost of entry is $35.00 but we had our trusty nifty Vegas Coupon Book and I have no problems cutting out coupons. We saved $5.00 on each entry ticket so we had to pleased with that. The Exhibit is seriously AMAZING and incredibly sad. I found the smaller things like someones shoes or a pair of glasses were the most powerful. There is even a section of The Titanic which was raised from over 2 miles down and is on loan, along with all the other pieces, to The Luxor for 10 years. 
That section was powerful just in itself 
It appears that they will have to salvage as much as they can in the next 10 years because the seawater & corrosion will literally make this mighty ship dissapear.
There is still debris scattered for up to a mile across the ocean bed so the race is on to salvage as much as they can.
We saw The Staircase and I am here to tell you Fabsters that the ever wonderful Mr Fab is the only person on the planet who has not seen the movie so he just looked at it blankly as I tried to explain what a feature it was in the movie.

They gave us a Boarding Pass as we entered and at the very end you could check to see if you lived or died. Mr F in second class was dead but I lived and was a First Class Passenger.
There were so many stories and so much to see. Very enjoyable and I would recommend this in a heartbeat.
Probably not the best exhibition to visit when you are going on a cruise in 5 days?

Back to The Venetian for a rest and a coffee along with a White Chocolate Sugar Cookie the size of a dinner plate which I am pretty sure I passed out in sheer bliss after the first bite.

Once rested we decided to go have a look at The Canals and shops upstairs and it was seriously SERIOUSLY gobsmackingly fabulous!

Time for another coffee and a bit of a rest after another huge day. Tomorrow is The Mob Museum which we are both looking forward to.

Sleep tight Fabsters and remember ..........

Restore, Revamp & Stay Fabulous

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  1. We saw the Titanic exhibition last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I too have been fascinated by the story and to see an actual part of the ship was awesome.