Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Disneyland ... Let the Magic Begin

Before the Magic begins we needed to check in on Dexter The Diva to make sure he was having a great time with Auntie Kathy.
It appears he decided to go downstairs and have a bit of a roll in some fresh cut grass ..... and poo.

So we are at this stage awaiting the results of an Emergancy Bath to remove aformentioned .... Poo.

The Magic will begin once we have made sure all is clean & calm at FS Vintage..............

All is calm at Casa Fabulous and it seems it has not taken long for Dex to sort out Auntie Kathy and he has the house running exactly the way he likes it!

Which reminds me ...... Forgot to regale you with the Pulled Out Of American Customs Saga ...

Oh pahleese .. did you really think Le' Fabulousers would make it through Customs without a saga of some sort?
So ............. we are exhausted and simply wanting to get through and we know the drill having travelled the US before .. just sayin

Bland face , say nothing and just do whatever they tell you to do. So we reach Serious Cranky Mean Customs Chap who snorts and makes noises and uses his nasty red pen to write something illegible on our Customs Declaration and grunts at us to move to SECTION B.
Now I have deliberately capitalised SECTION B because it was vaguly ominous.....
We drag ourselves and suitcases to SECTION B and meet up with the only US Customs official who even vaguely has a sense of humour.

Nice Customs Chap: Who did you enter the country with?
Mr Fab: Virgin Australia
NCC: I assume you are talking about a plane and not her? *points in my direction*
Mr Fab: *blink* Ahhh yep * snorting snickering*
NCC: *snorting snickering*

Me: * Bland unamused face*

Those Two: *more snorting snickering and general boy type stuff*

It appears the first customs chap had not changed the date stamp on his date stamper so it told the Customs people we had entered the country the day before......


Moving on and getting ready to Wish Upon A Star.

We walked up To Alamo Car Hire to collect the car and Mr Fab is a bit chuffed as he went with a Chevy which is very swish for us Aussies....
We spent the first ten minutes trying to figure out how to unlock the Park Break ....

As ya do...

We are staying at The Castle Inn & Suites which made us laugh out loud because it looks like ......

A CASTLE!!!! Seriously!!!!

OK so we have experenced the Magic and feel very Disneyfied. This is a toughie really as my entire life I have grown up with Disney and to FINALLY walk through those Gates ......
How bout I tell you what NOT to do?

* Do not go for one day ... absolutely not enough time to see everything
* Do invest in a VIP pass as we didnt go on any rides as the average wait time was anything from 35 to  85 minutes. 
* Do NOT go in June. Way to hot and sticky and PEOPLE???? Holy dooley I have NEVER seen so many people in the one place???? Everyone was pushing and shoving and it eventually became a little to much as Mr Fab and I tend to be stollers who like to stroll and enjoy.
* Pay the money for a Joint Park 3 Day pass. We simply brought one Park pass and that cost just on $200 US and basically we didnt really use it as aformentioned wait times on rides.
* Wear a hat ... absolutely wear a hat
* Comfy shoes are a MUST

It was very commercial and it cracked us up that the Disney merchandise can be up to half price outside the park. Made us laugh.

Kids of all ages will love this place of Magic and fun! 

Tomorrow we are driving up to San Diego and pretty excited about seeing it! Mr Fab has plans for the military stuff and I am looking forward to walking the San Diego Boardwalk. Pretty tired after our big day at Disneyland so signing out for this day of our Fabulous Adventure.

Revamp, Restore & Stay Fabulous


  1. Two things..thought sensible Tracy would know to take a hat in the middle of Summer Break and secondly now you know why we go for 6-7 days....You will love San Diego and Ron will be in Naval heaven ( that did not sound right)..also if you walk along the boardwalk lookout for the doggie store..

  2. Lol, I was just picturing the two boys chortling about Mrs Virgin Australia...... Mrs Virgin' on the ridiculous, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry, couldn't help myself - I just crack myself up sometimes. So - we went to Orlando for 10 days last October and I learned a few things. October is a great time to go - maximum queue time was 15 minutes. Disney is not the "happiest place on earth" as advertised - it is full of tired, stressed parents and tired, stressed kids. It is a marketers' paradise and EVERYTHING is overpriced. Do not waste money on a park hopper pass as the chance of you feeling like visiting another park on the same day is ZERO. I sound like a right Scrooge don't I - not at all, I really did think that elements of it were truly magical and the kids loved it, but on the whole we were somewhat underwhelmed. Saying all of that, we loved Harry Potter World where we got to drink Butter Beer and buy magic wands and we loved Discovery Cove where we got to swim with dolphins. I'm so glad that it was magical for you and can't wait to hear the next instalment. xxxxxx

    1. Have to agree on the overwhelmed bit ... it was massive and we felt like we were going round in circles.

  3. Dear Restful Nest....have to say that we also spent 8 days at Disneyworld last year and agree with you on everything and that is why I hated it. Now my BF Tracy will tell you I am a Mickey addict..but ONLY in Disneyland and California Adventure, love love love them..we take 7 days stroll both parks and have a ball.....But not in June.....
    Have to agree I can also picture the Mrs Virgin NOT finding the situation funny at all.....but it always seems to happen to dear you girl...

  4. Enjoy your time lovely. We shall never get to go do enjoy it for me & you won't you ��