Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hola and Gidday on this Gorgeous Californian morning that greets us as we wander down for the complimentary breaky at The Best Western American Inn San Diego right on the border of Mexico.
I was thinking this morning about the Light switches and toilets here and discovered it still takes time to get used to the fact it is all back to front. I was trying to turn the light on half asleep and again had to stop and actually think about the fact they turn on ... up.
It does my head in how the toilets flush upwards and not down like ours...... think about it Fabsters ... UP not down. So the water swirls UP toward you not down ........ UP people ....... UP.

I cant even discuss it .......

Back to our gorgeous Californian Day. We slept well after watching a bit of Spanish TV last night. I must have been vaguely sleepy because I decided to give Mr Fab a running translation on the Spanish language shows. I finished up on a roll I couldnt stop including inflections and hand movements....
We both ended up rolling about laughing in our fabulous huge queen seperate beds .....

Where was I? Oh yes ... Let our day begin and it was HUGE!!! Ok ok I will wait for you to go grab a refreshing beverage or a cuppa ......



Set up our Sat Nav for our first destination .... The Midway. Mr Fab is serious excited and I am happy to wander along and take all the pictures and videos he requires. The bonus is it is insane stupid mesmerisingly interesting. Remember I have the attention span of a Gerbil so it must be pretty darn good to hold me.
Prior to starting our Tour we sat on a bench and I was pooed on by some bird or other. I remember reading somwhere it is good luck to be pooed on by a bird .......
My Bag was none the worse for wear and it only managed to land on my arm so I am thinking going to Vegas ..... ? Maybe Good Luck???? 

What do you think?

At least I can say I have been Pooed on in San Diego USA.

Back to The Midway.

It was really quite amazing and we ended up spending over 4 hours in total wandering around and looking at everything. Mr Fab saw the Flight Simulator Ride and I said :
Me: Do you want to try the Flight Simulator Ride?
Mr Fab: Nah.... no I dont want to ... noooo nahhhh ohhhhh welll maybe we could? ... naahhh no we wont.

I have been down this road so many times I just stood there till he eventually arrived at the :
Me: *serene smile*

The cost of going through the Midway is $20 so I figured it was ok to spend $16 on The Flight Simulator.

So in we go and Mr Fab decides I am the Pilot and he is the Gunner. I thought it was a ride for goodness sake that you sit in and it does ridey type stuff all by itself but apparently YOU the PILOT control what happens in the bloody thing.
How did we discover this dear readers? 
When we were both upside down and screaming
Me: IS IT ME?????????
Me: *breathe breathe*
I finally got the hang of it and not soon enough as hanging upside down in a small box held in only by a harness is not something I want to repeat any time soon ....

I did not crash and managed to arrive back at the landing strip with only one minor tip to the side which made me feel vaguely queasy.

We then did the Island Tour which includes the Navigation, Chart Rooms and Bridge. That was super cool and very interesting.

I noticed as I was looking out one of the Portholes that they also have a statue in the Park across the way to commemorate The Kiss. You remember the one in Times Square?

We spent quite a bit of time out on the Flight Deck as Mr Fab was seriously fascinated. I sat on a bench and tried to NOT be listening to an old Navy chap discuss some stories from Vietnam with his Grandson. I was doing great till I laughed out loud at one of his funnier stories!

I took some pictures of some of the old working parts of The Ship. They may not really mean anything to anyone but I just think they were kinda cool to look at.

Last part was the quarters and Mess Deck. 

We took a drive down to The Gaslight Quarter then decided we would head out to Coronado.

Ohhhhh my. I really just wanted to go have a look because Mish had told me it was her home town and how much she loved it. I gotta tell you Fabsters ... I would live there in a heartbeat ......... I would need a cool 1.4 Million to buy one of the houses I fell in love with ..........  HOWEVER ...........Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah ..........loved it. Dexter would be able to go with us everywhere as Dogs are encouraged here. You can sit and have a meal outside and have your dog with you on a lead. 

*Blissful sigh*

The houses and architecture are amazing and it has a real laid back small town feel. Think Amity in Jaws and that is what it looked like to us. That small American Town holiday kinda feel. We had a scrumptious meal at The Irish Pub ... and again we have to get used to the size of the meals as we ended up leaving heaps on our plates. Last time we simply went halves in most things as there was no waste!!!!
Executive Fabulous Family Decision made to go back to doing that.

A really enjoyable day all round. Mr Fab is in bed and snoring beside me as he is completely shattered. I have made another cuppa and think I might try and find some more Spanish TV shows I can amuse myself with.

Revamp, Restore & Stay Fabulous


  1. Please tell me you have a video of that flight simulator funny,. We knew that you would both love San Diego as much as we did........Vegas Next?

    1. Yep back to Vegas tomorrow! Pretty excited! Love to you Miss Vicki

  2. hi daughter, I have just worked out how to send a comment, anyway sounds like you are having a good time, and you are like your dad good at putting it all together, it is interesting to see things we have seen eg. kissing statue we have photo's taken standing under it, it is huge.
    Anyway stay safe and enjoy every minute like you said every thing is an adventure XXX Mum

    1. Why hello Mum .... Indeed even getting pooed on is an adventure!


  3. lol Glad you enjoyed the island. Did you lunch at McP's?

    1. Yep that was the one and it was AWESOME!!!!! See you Friday!!!!

  4. Oh how I laughed at the flight simulator story. Thoroughly enjoying reading all about your escapades.

  5. I wasnt laughing upside down let me tell you!

  6. I was giggling at your 'Up.. the water goes UP' comment.. and that you couldn't even discuss it.. and then I saw the start of a photo and thought to myself ' oh no she didn't!!!'. I was rather pleased to see it was a normal photo.