Saturday, 7 June 2014

Rockin The DVD Collection with a Websters Revamp

This was the cabinet I mentioned in my previous post. It was a bit raggedy, a bit well used and obviously well loved.

Pretty Fabulous Silky Oak Cabinet

A Peek inside

Terrific piece ...... so what to do?

Our DVD collection was housed in our old bedroom dresser I did up ~ but it was not super successful ~  the drawers didn't come all the way out because of the Bookcase in the Book Nook.

Hmmmmm could this work?

But where to put it????

Let us begin:

You know the drill by now ~ good clean with Eucalyptus in water on a damp cloth.
We then used the normal recipe of:

2 x Tablespoons of Websters
1 x Tablespoon of water
1 x Cup of Latex paint ~ Antique White USA

Websters Does it again

We went with 3 coats of Websters on this one as I wanted a really good layer to take back. I wanted to achieve a Just Been Dragged Out Of The Shed french country kinda look ... kinda sorta.  One mix did two coats no problems but needed another batch for the third coat. ( I used the leftovers on another Chair I had laying about.)

We did the inside in some leftover Red paint we also had laying about.

No waste at all using this amazing product!

Drying overnight

When it had dried overnight ~ pause here to mention ~ Websters is touch dry within about an hour but I left this one as I wanted to really make sure it had well dried so it would come away chippy.

And it did .......

I used my prefferred method of the Good Ol Purple double side Vileda cloth and wiped down every section.

Now this was the part I was dreading. I am NOT a big fan of Dark Wax. Nope not even a little bit. I prefer the Clear and use it on most of my pieces but I have a huge tin and loathe waste so ~ stepped into my Big Girl Undies and started the process.

Very slowly and in very small sections in a circular motion. I buffed each section pretty quickly and left the whole thing to set for awhile. We also left the internal drawers ~  as they were ~ because the silky oak wood is divine. A quick wipe over with the dark wax and they are perfectly Fabulous.

Chippy Fabulousness

I decided to go over the whole thing again with a coat of L'essentiel Clear Wax and I gotta say ......

A gorgeous glow from the top layer of L'essentiel Wax

The look is exactly what I wanted AND as an added bonus Mr Fab helped me alphabetize the DVD's and put them in the drawers.
Fabulous Tip 1: Every now & then I run some L'essential Wax over the wooden handles of my good paintbrushes after I have cleaned them. Just to ensure they stay in tip top condition.

Fabulous Tip 2: I wash my Brushes in  Marseille stain remover soap 100g with orange essential oil. Available at FS Vintage for $8.50 a bar. ( I have been using mine for months)

Available at

The finished Revamped DVD cupboard!

Cant show you the entire Guest Room because of the packing stuff on the bed.

Add a sweet Zinc Heart available at

Inside Cabinet painted Red for a bit of Drama

Ta Dah!

Hope you enjoyed this Makeover. With Websters you can create and transform anything! Leave us a comment or any questions feel free to contact us!

Revamp, Restore & Stay Fabulous.


  1. 2nd comment - did the 1st, pressed Publish and BAM! it disappeared. So....... it looks absolutely MAGNIFICENT *shouting*. I am not a big fan of the dark wax either but it looks completely right on this piece and the cupboard looks as though it's been like this for years. You have taken an old, chippy and shabby cupboard and transformed it into a useful piece that you will love for years to come. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! xx

  2. Thankyou The Restful Nest. I really appreciate your comment!

  3. hello this is your sister trying to teach mum to post to you