Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Welcome to The Family .......

Today saw us venture out into the blistering Vegas sun and go to The Mob Museum. Mr Fab is a huge fan of the era and shows like The Sopranos so it was kinda a given we had to go.

Ooooooooley Dooley!!!!!

It was BRILLIANT. Well worth the $18 (after using Vegas Nifty Voucher) and took near on 3 hours. The interactive parts were cool as well. I managed to shoot 14 times and killed an Innocent Bystander ...... Now hang on ... he may WELL have been a secret plant who in fact was an International Spy / Drug Runner wanted by Interpol? Maybe? Perhaps?

They even had a section on how The Mob had influenced the Movies and had some great displays with costumes worn by Tony Soprano and things from movies like Casino.
The whole Museum is the Old Courthouse/ Post Office which was fabulous to walk around in and have a look. To enter a lift from the 1930's and walk along corridors which probably saw some very ruthless and unscrupulous people in it's day is quite surreal.
The Tour is well thought out and very well set up with heaps of Fedora wearing people to point you in the right direction should you become lost.

There was an Australian Film Crew doing something there and the lady in the Shop said Ohhh there are some more Aussies.
The chap looked at me ( I did recognise him kinda sorta?) and I said Gidday ... as ya do.
He just grunted a gidday back and I thought Geez love .... friendly much?

We decided to have a walk around the Older section of Vegas. Not as swish as uptown but sooooo interesting. Around Freemont Street and the really old Casinos. We even tried one of the All You Can Eat Buffets that do still actually exisit and for a grand total of $20 we had a scrumptious meal. I even tried my very first Cherry Pie...... delicious.

We then spent the rest of the day making sure we had the trip to the Airport Sorted and boarding passes done. I am literally in terror at the thought of Las Vegas Airport after the horrific time we had experienced before with United. This time we are flying Delta as we decided to stay with Virgin or Virgin affiliates. The lady here at the Hotel was brilliant and we have even checked our luggage and paid what needed to be paid. Remember people - Travel in the US means you have to pay for your suitcases on every flight.

All in all we have a blast back here in Vegas and yes indeed we will come again on our next trip to the US. We are thinking 3 years and the New York side with a trip to Vegas after our normal trip to Iowa. 

We didnt win a sausage but you know what? Thats ok.

We tell ourselves we are lucky in life and not gambling ........... *blink* 

On to Seattle before we pick up the Cruise Ship on Saturday  morning. We are super excited as it is something neither one of us thought we would ever do.
We will be travelling with Mish & Mark. Ok Fabsters let me introduce you to our friends.

Mish & Mark - here are The Fab Readers. Fab Readers - Mish & Mark.

Those of you who have been following our ramblings for awhile will know I met Mish years ago online and we became friends. Yeah yeah odd to be sure but that is just the way it is. We met them face to face after years of internetting and we have yet to have a dull moment. It turned out to be very serendipitous that Mark & Mr Fab get on famously so a WIN / WIN all round.

It is good when life turns out to be easy peasy and wonderful.

On to the next leg of the mighty Fabulous Adventure. Remember we will be out of range sailing in Alaska somewhere or other ...... as ya do.

We will catch up when we can Fabsters and make sure you .....

Revamp, Restore & Be Fabulous!


  1. Glad you enjoyed Vegas this have given us someplaces to add to our must see list for next Mob Museum.....enjoy your cruise, do not think about your furbaby he will be fine ...

    1. We Know Dexter will be very happy with Auntie Vicki. He has Auntie Kathy in the palm of his paw.........
      Yes yes yes on the Mob Museum. Fabulous!

  2. Didn't know anything about the museum or we would have gone last year. Loving your adventures.

    1. Thankyou The Restful Nest. We love writing about them as it lets us relive our adventures over and over.
      Glad you are enjoying them!
      Yes on The Mob Museum. Mark it for next time.

  3. Sounds like you're both having a FAB time Lovey....! I've not been to Vegas or Seattle & am feeling a tad 'green'....!! I think the cruise will be a BRILLIANT opportunity for to totally disconnect & disengage....We'll all be here when you're back in range....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)