Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Rockin Out In Vegas ...... Oh Yeah!

Change of plans today. We decided to wander down to the Palazzo Theatre and find out about Rock of Ages. We purchased our tickets ...... and because we joined the Venetian Club Grazie, we were automatically upgraded to the better seats at no charge!

Woohoooooooo YEAHHHHHHH BONUS! So bottom line on our first Real Vegas Comp was we paid $69 plus taxes *rolls eyes and wonders why not just bloody well put the tax on for goodness sake* anyway we got the $120 tickets for $69. Gotta love that yes?
The show was sensational and by the end we were up with everyone else rockin out to the music from the 80's. 
Absolutely loved it!

We also decided to go for a walk back to The Canal Shops as we had to take some pictures for you of the SERIOUS amazing roof? Yep a roof ... you did read correctly. They have painted the inside of the roof to resemble a blue sky.
I thought when I read about it ... *shrug meh* probably looks dodgy?

Nope. Looks real and at one stage I was absolutely convinced the clouds were moving.....that is the illusion you get when you look back across The Plaza.
We wandered about just looking in these serious stores full of shiny, bright and sparkly glittery things. We were mesmerised by everything and even Mr Fab was quite stunned by the glam handbags and even Mens ties with glitter ......

As ya do.

We walked around for ages and came across one of those Sellers who reckon they can cure everything. Well this one was the most lovely Russian girl and it was one of those postive/ negative Ion bracelets. Well lets cut a long story short ... Mr Tight As A Fish Bottom did end up buying a bracelet because the bloody thing actually worked???????
Yep indeed it did. He has been wearing it now ( it is a very manly bracelet so don't anyone worry) for about 8 hours and he said the pain in his shoulder - which he has had for many many years - was feeling better than it had in a very long time.
He says the pain has diminished to the point he can move his shoulder??????
I have to admit I was sceptical it would work and also in shock that he actually purchased it.

We then decided that because Rock of Ages started at 8 and went through to after 10 we might have a Princess Nap to ensure we were in top form to enjoy the show.

Now I am thinking time for bed. We are both sleeping like babies in our massive King Bed and soft pillows. The Mob Museum and The Monorail is on the agenda for our last day and then back to pack and get ready for the next leg of our latest Fabulous Adventure.

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  1. Hmmmmm....I'm still skeptical....And YES....I think that about the bloody tax EVERY time....!!!!!

  2. Yes, what's with the tax?? Just give us a bloody price. Loving your stories.