Thursday, 26 June 2014

Smoking in Seattle

Thank you thankyou thankyouverymuch.

The Fabulous Greens have left the building. Thankyou Vegas - We love you.

Early start at 4 am and early checkout to ensure we made it to Vegas Airport nice and early in prepration for our flight to Seattle. Checked the bill - as ya do to discover that by lifting up the Indulgence Naughty Kit to show Mr Fab ..... we were charged for the Indulgence Naughty Kit at a total cost of $48.

Ummmmmmm no. 

We went through the rest of the bill with a fine tooth comb not because we are cheap but because DAMN those places slug you at every turn.

Did we like the opulent luxury of The Venetian? Yes
Would we go back? No.
We like our coffee and to have a Caraffe delivered to the room was a ridiculous $22.00.  The In House Menu says it is $13 but they add a heap of taxes AND an 18% Gratuity as mentioned in a previous post. I asked them why then did we pay the server and they gave me a long winded account of how the gratuity added was for the maker of the coffee and the person who puts the milk in the jugs and the person who washes the dishes and so on down the line. The tip to the server was entirely up to me and was my choice ......

Ok so arrival at Vegas Airport and we were greeted at Delta Checkin by a really friendly lady who asked did we need anything and did we have our bording passes.


So far so good.

We both are literally worried sick about the whole airport process after our last experiences. So to the desk for bag checkin where another nice lady asked us to load the biggest bag so if we needed to rearrange anything we could ........
*double blink*

Down to catch the Tram to Gate 34 which we found quickly and with zero problems. Load the plane and away we go which leads you to me doing this at 30000 feet and we will be arriving in Seattle in about an hour after making up time.

Well done Delta America - Well Done.

Finally sorted out the shuttle bus ..... I am such a wally I forgot to do that bit of the journey. We are staying at The Crowne Plaza Seattle and guys we gotta say a teeny bit disappointed. No smoking of course so we have to go downstairs and outside into a sleazy alley.
Then they informed us we would have to pay for the internet ...... Not included. 
Can I put the points onto my Hotel card? No - Paid for it yes but paid through The Cruise so the Crowne won't give me the points even though they get the money..... *blink*

But hey it is all part of the trip.

Seattle is very industrial and we are enjoying the shabby rusty look of it. Yesterday we had not had anything to eat since the day before so by 4 we were pretty hungry and tired. We walked down to the Market here and dropped into Von's Gustobistro and had what I can honestly say was the BEST pizza I have ever eaten.
Dear God we both swooned and pretty much ate with closed eyes making hmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum noises.
Maybe it was the finishing touch of a drizzle of pure Almond Oil?

We shall daydream of pizza for a very long time

The Smoking in Seattle thing has been quite weird. You literally have to look everywhere before you light up and The Crowne has us going to a sleazy looking downstairs kinda alcove down some concrete steps. We have had some great chats with fellow smokers. The whole thing has me AGAIN thinking about smoking and what it means to be a Pariah.
Yes we smoke. Yes indeed we do. Yup, yeah ok already we do. We have now become literally outcasts. I have been looking at using the Electronic ciggies and I do believe I will BUT I want to do it when I want to do it and not when I am told to do it. Yes it is an addiction and yes it is bad we get that we accept that we know that but geez STOP telling me all the time.
We are always mindful of non smokers and are extrememly polite and courteous to those around us who are non smokers.

Anyway we are now simply waiting for Mish & Mark To arrive as we will have a huge day spending time with them.
Our luggage leaves here at 8 am and then we board the shuttle to the Ship at 10.45am.

Eeeeek how exciting is THIS????? We will try and do at least one post during the cruise to update.

See you all back on dry land Fabsters!

Revamp,Restore & Be Fabulous.


  1. YEAH!!!! I finally found your blog again! Happy Sailing my dear friends! ENJOY!!!!

  2. I used to run a quit smoking hypnotherapy program and yes, you absolutely have to want to give up. You cannot do it for anyone else or because you think you "should" or it will never work. I dealt with so many people who didn't really want to give up and no amount of hypnotherapy will work unless you are 100% committed. Once you are, the addiction is irrelevant. People who say they "can't" give up are lying to themselves. If you want to, you will, but until then you won't. Good on you for knowing yourself well enough. Enjoy your cruise and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. x