Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Let the Journey Begin

The day started out crisp and clear and so far absolutely nothing has gone wrong!
The Taxi arrived promptly at 6.30 , the run in morning traffic was fine and our arrival at The Virgin Checkin....... unevenful.
Remember we are doing Premium Economy this time and after 40 minutes into our 11 hour and 56  minute flight we have had a Fabulous Family discussion and unanimously passed a new rule that we NEVER travel Cattle Class EVER again.

The check in was seamless and took about 10`minutes tops. We then wandered about killing time till boarding with Mr Fab treating me to a bottle of Coco and himself to the most scrumptious smelling to die for after shave ....

We were boarded early and after being seated we were offered a refreshing chilled beverage to ease the time waiting for eveyone to be boarded and ready to go.

Are we loving this?????

Hell yes.

Would not mind trying Business Class but unless a Fairy drops a massive bag of money on our heads .... that aint happenin.
I am actually typing this Post sitting in my extra wide compfy seat waiting for lunch to be served. I have already popped the Menu away to go in a memory jar and I am thinking I may go with the Chicken?

Ohhhhh we also were given a bag of cool crap to make our journey easier like ear plugs and pens ect .....
So lunch has been served and it was serious scrumptious. Mr Fab & myself work like a well oiled machine ... he gives me the cheese i give him the milk and sugar. Easy peasy and all is zen. We both selected the Parmesan Cheese Chicken with chunky Tomato sauce and mash potato as our main and had a Turkey Ceaser Salad as a starter.
The desert was a Choc orange Tart which caused me to pass out, swoon, come back to life and swoon again just because I could .......

*happy tummy time*

Arrived in good time and had our usual ridiculous time finding the Hotel Shuttle ..... we seem to never quite get the plot where the hotel shuttle pickup is concerned but finally sorted it out.
We are staying at the Travelodge on Century Blvd this time. It is clean and the reception staff are friendly and accomadating.

We have an hour to kill before we can get into our room and shower settle down and relax.

Now the Hotel is not luxurious but it is clean and comfortable. It has been around since the 50's and Roy Rogers stayed here apparently ..... which is kinda cool ... sorta. The room has a vintagy feel and it is more than enough for what we need. The staff are friendly and helpful which is always a bonus! We have already sampled a Cup o Joe at the Dennys which was probably the best cuppa we have had in a while so all is right in the Fabulous World.

We will be collecting the hire car tomorrow morning and heading down to Anaheim for the whole Disneyland Experience. We didnt do it last trip so thought maybe this time we better just so we can say we have!

Enjoy our first Blog for this Great Original Fabulous Adventure and we shall be making sure we show you everything we can .... I reckon my Ipady pictures are getting better ......

I shall finish with my usual ......

Revamp, Restore & Stay Fabulous


  1. Such a cool story !! Love the way you are telling about what's happening :-) Thanks for now, stay Fabulous !

  2. So it sound like Premium is the way to go..not "coach"...and Please I did not need to know you were going to Disneyland tomorrow...soooooo green with envy....Please say hello to Mickey for me :)

  3. Lovely read as always Mrs Fab. Have a fabulous time with Mickey.