Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hello Fabulous Las Vegas ......... We have returned.

We love Vegas.  Just sayin .......

We set out early and stopped about halfway for some breaky and Gas. *lol I love saying Gas*. A homeless Chap approached Mr Fab and asked him if he could buy a cigarette. Mr Fab just handed him the half empty packet and said: 
" No mate you take them"
The chap just blinked at him and said he wanted to pay and Mr Fab said No way mate you just take them.
Every now and then he does these things and it makes me remember how seriously Fabulous he is so he will probably get a few days where I dont want to slap him silly.

A 6 hour drive to one of our favorite cities with a requisite stop at The Fabulous Sign. Simply cannot drive past and NOT stop now can we?????
We were here 2 years ago when we were married at The Bellagio ( You can check that out in our previous American Blog). We had a great time but both of us became very sick. Just the Flu but WOW what a Flu. This time prior to leaving we had Flu shots and I have been taking Horseradish and Garlic every day. So far so good and we both feel great.
This time we managed to get an AMAZING deal at The Venetian. Terrific price for 4 days and an American Breakfast included.

Ohhhhh yeah and thankyou very much.

We arrived about 4 pm and I had been telling Mr Fab about the $20 Tip Trick. I found it online and have done some research via Mr Google on how you do it and does it work.
The idea is to wrap a $20 bill around your credit card and inside your Passport as you hand it to the Check In person and ask in a polite voice:
" Do you have any complimentary Upgrades available please?"
The Clerk will then check to see if they can remove your Resort Fees or maybe a higher room with a view?
It apparently works 9 times out of ten.........
You will also apparently get your $20 back should there be no upgrades ... OR upgrades and they keep the $20.

Did it work for us?

Well no. I said to Mr Fab we may well be the one in 10 it doesnt work with. It appears there is a convention in Town some Music thingy and the hotel is booked solid. We did get our $20 back.
We came up to the room after finding a Bell Hop as it was a full 7 minute walk to The Palazzo Tower from the desk.

So we put the keycard into the swish entry along the swisher corridor and opened the door of Room Number #9-833 .................


I have no words.........

*More Blinking.........*

*binking blinking*

*Still blinking*

Dear God Fabsters. Talk about luxury on top of luxury on top of luxury.

Mr Fab wants to try the Complimentry Upgrade thing again tomorrow when we go down to do some looking around. Bless him when he gets a bee in his bonnet..........

We have just ordered a pot of deliciously scrumptious coffee and a Juice to refresh and then down to have a bit of a walk and finding some food!!!!

Seriously???? Oh yeahhhhhhhhh


Bloody hell people. I am impressed. I will update tomorrow on Mr Fab and his Bee in The Bonnet Getting an Upgrade.

We miss you and remember......

Revamp, Restore & Stay Fabulous


  1. We ate at the Sugar Factory and it was super delicious. Glad you're having such a great time. x

  2. Is the Sugar Factory here? I have not seen that yet but will go look. I might google.