Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Still Cruisin in Ketchikan Alaska ....... As ya do.

Day 3:

We set our wake up alarm for 5.45 am this morning to make sure we were wide awake for breaky prior to leaving the Ship for our day in Ketchikan Alaksa. We were out on our balcony as we sailed into the bay and it was breathtakingly beautiful. A grey kind of mist hung over the landscape but it was still amazing. 

We just stood in awe and said ... WOW can you believe we are actually in Alaksa????????? We are still slightly gobsmacked to be honest.


Todays adventures began with a Fabulous Breaky in the swish resturant ONLY available to Suite holders *fluttering eyelashes* and let me note here that we are already looking at other suites so we can get an idea on what to go for next time!!!!
So after our breakfast we wandered down the gangplank to the town of Ketchican. A cute little touristy town that all but goes to sleep in the winter months as far as tourism is concerned. There were 5 huge massive Cruise liners docked full of people buying things from Christmas Decorations at the Santa Christmas Shop to 3 for $20 T shirts ... or even Totem Poles ..... as ya do.
We had to kill time till 1.00pm where we had booked our Alaksan Lumberjack show. We really enjoyed the show and it was $35.00 well spent.

A few laughs and a bit of fun while learning about the logging trade here.

Took a walk along the Pier and met a chap walking his Husky. Her name was Ohso which stood for Oh So Beautiful ...... and she was. I asked for permission to take her picture and he said Of course but she wont pose for you .... hates the camera. She did. Makes a kind of Ohhhhhhhhnooooooooo kind of noise and turns her head. Made me laugh out loud.

Please pose for me Ohso? Please? She sighed and I finally managed to get this.

Back to the ship to set sail again for Juneau. All 4 of us decided it was time for a Princess Nap and a vege as we sail away. We love travelling with The Stochls as it is all so very easy peasy ..... hence the reason we are looking at where to do the next Cruise in a couple of years. They have an offer that when you book your next Cruise here and pay a small deposit to be used within a 4 Year period they will give you a bonus to spend on THIS Cruise.

Oh Yeah!

We watched the sun go down at around 10.00 pm last night .......... Managed to get a few fab pictures as well.

Really kinda nothing more to say than .... we watched the sun go down at 10.00pm at night ......

Day 4: Juneau

Awoke this morning at 5 am to prepare for the part both Mr Fab and myself have been really looking forward to....

The Mendenhall Glacier and Whale Watching Tour.

I walked outside to see what sort of day we have happening and near passed out at the beauty of this place. I actually sucked in a breathe and held it I was so in awe. I honestly do not think I am eloquent enough to describe how incredible this place is. Mere words fail this Blogger so I have taken heaps of pictures in an effort to convey to you what my eyes are seeing.
I honestly dont think my pictures can really convey how incredible this place is. Inititally when we thought ... Alaska? Really? Seriously? Then we actually thought about it and spent quite a bit of time looking at pictures on the internet and watching TV shows.
Nope ... NOTHING comes close to actually seeing it for yourself.

A bus takes us to the dock used for the boat that takes you out for the Whale watching. We managed to see a small pod of whales together doing what is called Bubble Netting. The lead female will send out a signal to other whales in the area to ask do they want to do some Bubble Netting with her? Whales must be taught how to hunt in a group before they are 1 year old or they do not know how to do it. So The lead female gets a group of other whales who do know how to feed in a group and they force all the fish into a group and then they have a smorgasbord. The lead female is always first to come up and grab the most and the others follow. This is apparently a rare thing to see so we were very lucky.

Back to the Bus and the trip ..... Our Bus driver and tour guide was Kyle and he was fab! Very funny and a font of information on Juneau and her history.
We arrived at The Mendenhall Glacier and were completely blown away. It is AWESOME. The blue in the ice is incredible and apparently appears blue because it absorbs all colors of the visible light spectrum except blue which it transmits.
Very cool .... no pun intended.
We went for a walk along the trails as Mr Fab really wanted to see some Bears but alas ..... not today.
The experience was one will will remember for a very long time.

At the moment - right now - we are sailing up to the Sawyer Glacier and it is simply breathtaking. A bit of a Titanic moment with all the ice around but seriously worth standing in freezing cold to see. We just
stood on our Balcony and watched from the relative warmth coming from our Suite.
WOW is all we can say on everything we have seen. We are really enjoying ourselves so much and honestly it makes the two years of going without and saving well worth it.

We would not be able to relax as much as we have if it was not for our gorgeous sister & sister in law Kathy, our wonderful friend Sheryl and our old and dear friend Vicki. Those amazing women have come to our home and loved Dexter as much as we do.
Thankyou girls so very much. We love and appreciate you.

Till next time when we will have been to Skagway and taken a rail journey to the Suspension Bridge.
Just to let you know ..... The suspension bridge literally terrifies me and I am only doing it because it literally terrifies me .......

Revamp, Restore & Be Fabulous ......

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  1. It looks so beautiful. It's frustrating when you take photos because they really don't convey how utterly spectacular something is in real life. We were like that last year - took thousands of photos and none of them quite hit the spot. We didn't get to see any bears either which was sad. We did get to see elk..... oh and squirrels which weren't quite as exciting. The ship looks great - never really fancied a cruise because of the whole sickness thing, but I like the idea of getting to see places you can only do by doing a cruise. xx