Monday, 7 July 2014

Cardinal Nation

When we arrived last night we decided to go to Carmines for tea which was expensive but tasty. As we were leaving ..........Three Priests walked in to have their dinner. 
Mr Fab started chortling and said:

Mr Fab: Hey Babe - Three Priests walk in .... do you think they are looking for The Cardinals?
Me: *blink*
Mr Fab: *laughing himself silly*

(Pause here to note we saw a Nun at The Game ........ think maybe The Cardinals have some "extra special" help?)

Have to admit it was pretty funny. A whole lot funnier than when he said to the Security Lady patting me down:

Mr Fab: Hey I reckon I might need a pat down as well?
Security Lady: Sure thing Sir - Let me just find a nice big male to help you
Mr Fab: * blink*
Me & Nice Security Lady: *screaming laughing and rolling about on the terminal floor*

Enough of the shenanigans.

Ok so tonight was THE BALLGAME.

WOWSERS People. Seriously. I have NEVER experienced anything quite like it. There were so many people with most of them wearing Cardinals gear and they were all so darn POLITE??? I was stunned. From waiting to buy some of the massive amount of food & beverages available to entering the Ballpark. Everyone is courtous, polite and considerate of others. There is no line jumping, no rude behaviour ... nothing like that AT ALL.
Baseball has been a constant in America since forever and it is a HUGE part of everyday life. From families to the single diehard fan. They live and breathe their Baseball.
Then there is the atmosphere. A feeling of expectation that you can feel. The fans adore The Cardinals and to see over 42,000 happy people in one place is mind boggling. Keep in mind this was a Monday night - stormy and the game went past 11.00pm.  Packed to the limits with Fans.
We brought peanuts from vendors yelling : PEANUTS, COLD BEER, ICE COLD WATER................Just like in the movies and they even play that Baseball music. The funniest thing was the 7th Inning Stretch where everyone stands up and sings Take me out to The BallGame. ( I now know what Crackerjacks are). I have to ask Mish again what the teeny little balls of Icecream are .. Dippin Dots? I think? She asked the Vendor for a taste for me ... being Australian and all. It was the weirdest feeling to have tiny little balls of icecream in your mouth. 
Another new thing tried and tested.

It took me awhile to get how the whole thing worked but eventually I understood. The game was delayed due to storms so it did not actually start till 8pm. Rain fell and they stopped everything once but after the storm passed it was all good. 

I was starting to get a wee bit concerned as there had been NO RUNS at all and when that happens they keep going until runs are scored .......
The clock ticked over toward 11.00 pm .......

So 9 Innings and no score AT ALL. 
Finally we are at the bottom of the 9th and The Cardinals rose to the occasion and scored a home run.
The entire stadium ERUPTED. That is the only way to describe it ... literally ERUPTED. 
(I REALLY wanted to write ... Bottom of the 9th cose I KNOW what that means now)

All in all a serious Fabulous night out. Mr Fab was very happy indeed to have finally seen his Ballgame.

Tomorrow is The Budweiser Factory and then The Clysdales ......

Revamp, Restyle & Be Fabulous

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