Saturday, 5 July 2014

Meet me in St Louis & Take me out to the Ballgame.

Morning Y'All!!!!



The Cruise has ended and we are back on Dry Land. We LOVED The Cruise and are already thinking about where to go next time.
Mr Fab and I dont tend to go out or go away or really do anything except work and do things at home. We save and do without ... including birthdays and such to save for our trips. We like to go every two years ..... iff we can.

Hmmmmmm where to next time? Thinking maybe New York?

It is nice to simply dream and google and think about it .

*insert dreamy face*

So - back to this adventure. We departed using the Priority departure because of staying in a Suite and decided right here and now that we like being in a Suite with all the accoutrements that go with it. Now back to reality .........

We are staying in The Westin In Seattle till we fly out to St Louis tomorrow. We both REALLY like the Westin and apparently it is THE place to stay in Seattle and has bedded down Presidents for the night. The bed is AMAZING and we were so relaxed we had to call Mish and Mark and say HEY - we are going to simply have a night of doing nothing. We wondered ... perhaps it was all a wee bit anti climatic after the fun of the cruise? We both felt incredibly weary and just wanted to vege. Funny thing though ... I woke up at midnight bright as a button and could NOT get back to sleep.
As usual - we were in complete sync with our amazing friends so we will meet up again with them on Monday in St Louis where we will be going to our very first Baseball game. Yeeehawwwww GO CARDINALS. ( We barrack for the Cardinals )
Mr Fab has been looking forward to this for two years. He is SUPER excited. Tomorrow is a day of flying from Seattle to St Louis and we will not get in to The Drury till after 6 so I will make this one over two days.

The flight from Seattle on Alaska Airlines was 3 hours and 18 minutes and I am pleased overall with this airline but damn it I had the Knee Person behind me. You know the one who wiggles and sighs and moves for the entire 3 hours and 18 minutes? I tend to not say anything as I try to be a good person and understand that a person may be uncomfortable or not feel well but DAMN people ... after 2 hours of being kneed in the back and my seat moving I was starting to get a bit short tempered ...
I had my seat completely upright in an attempt to make it easier for her but still .......


Prior to Boarding we of course had to do the plethora of Security here in The States .... and understandably so. We tend to have a bland face and do what they say. I have to admit I had been chortling away and teasing Mr F as he was always going through the main security and my little face was getting me nicely through the normal easy peasy one ....... that is until Seattle.
Yep - You guessed it Fabsters .......... Full body search to pay me back for all my snickering. The lady was very nice and very clear about what she was going to do but it is very very ...... personal? 

*blink blink*

You will be happy to read Fabsters ..... I am not a threat to security.

We arrived and grabbed a cab to the hotel and were very grateful to finally settle down and relax. Today is going to be a day of just wandering around then taking in the Ballgame. It is quite interesting to be in this hotel as it is within one block of the stadium so it is FILLED with Cardinals Supporters alll wearing their shirts and caps ect so we will not stand out when we don our team gear and make our way down to watch the game. 
Every second store sells Cardinals gear and they live and breathe the team here.

We met up with Mish & Mark after a hearty free breaky here at The Drury and went down to Union Station to have a look.

Oh my goodness. We have had our very first vaguely scary encounter with the indiginous youth of the area.
The boys went to purchase tickets for the train and a group of ...... lads ...... came over and started to tell them how to buy a ticket. Mark has dealt with this kind of thing before so he was as cool as ice. Mish took my arm and led me away. I have learned to simply do what she tells me to do without question and automatically adopt a bland face and look at scenery type of persona? Do you get me? I tend to admire the buildings or trees or whatever is around. We always defer to Mark & Mish when they suggest something while we are wandering about. They will be exactly the same when they come to visit us in Australia. Our combined theory is ... Your Country - You know how it works.

Back to our encounter as you are probably all sitting on the edge of your seats!!!!! ..... I hope ......
 *cough* Where was I? Oh yes ... THE DRAMA!

Mr Fab handed me Marks parcels and simply said " Hold this".
He walked back and was standing very close to Mark ... *ahem* I should say Cool as Ice Mark .....

The Indiginous ... lad ... wearing his (Mish informed me) $150 jeans down past his bum with his dreadlocks and vaguely threatening manner kept asking for tips and money. The boys simply ignored him or said No.
I was very proud of them both. You could see Mr Fab on HIGH ALERT .........really really HIGH alert.
We walked down to catch the train all the time being very casual and laid back. An indian couple had been up at the ticket booth with us and you could clearly see they were a little afraid. I held out my hand to the woman and motioned to her to come over with us.
Well Fabsters I have NEVER seen people move so fast or look so incredibly grateful. Mish held out her hand as well and the woman actually took it and moved in very close to us.
The husband stood with the Boys and when the ...Indiginous ...lad ( The leader? ) came back to start saying things like:
"I may see you again you know"
" You could run in to me again"
All of us simply kept chatting only giving him a cursory look or acknowledgement. Apparently in a group you are not such an easy mark. Mish told me quietly not to make eye contact in any way.
It is quite clever really. A group of chaps in a not so good area who crowd you in and stand very close then ask for money after "showing" you how to buy a ticket in a machine that anyone could figure out in less than 3 minutes.


Scary but very interesting to observe. I drive Mr Fab insane when I watch things like this intently.

After finishing our vaguely scary encounter which I was NOT allowed to discuss till we left the train we walked to The Arch.


They have an amazing museum set up all about the west and how it was formed and the explorers who blazed the trail.
We then boarded these weird Pods which were elevators that went sideways and up to the top. They were very small and you kinda felt like you were expelled from them rather than leaving them? You then walk up some steps to the very top.
Mr Fab and I are absolutely certain the bloody thing was moving as we looked out of the tiny windows set into  the walls.

192 Metres in the air *gag*

Yep done that can we go now please?

Walked back down to Imo Pizza as we were all hungry and had what is apparently the best pizza in St Louis.

It was pretty bloody good let me tell you.

Ok guys ... gotta go don our Cardinals Gear and head on out to THE BALLGAME!

Revamp, Restyle & Be Fabulous.


  1. How EXCITING....Can so relate....Had one of those encounters myself in St Louis years ago....! I wonder if you were in the same pod Mr SVJ & I went in....FABULOUS view hey....!!

    1. *LOL* Indeed but a wee bit nerve wracking when you are sure the floor moves.