Thursday, 10 July 2014


The morning dawned bright and clear and we started today's adventures with our customary free Drury On The Arch free breaky which is actually pretty good.
We had decided to tour an American Icon - Budweiser.

The Tour is free. Yep you read that correctly - Free. It was interesting and well worth the trip as the factory is amazing and wait till you see The Clydesdales.

I was stunned when we reached their Stable ..... no I should write "Stable" as quite frankly I would move in tomorrow. I stood open mouthed at the Chandelier hanging from the centre of the main room which has a matching one in a swish hotel in Texas????

Seriously???? Yes seriously.

These animals are MAGNIFICENT. To be a Budweisrer Clysdale they have to have 4 matching white sox, The blaze down their forehead, Black mane & tail  and be the same Bay colour. They are enormous and so quiet and gentle.

The Factory is immaculate and also has bloody great Chandeliers hanging INSIDE where the 7 step Brewing process is done.

You are given a sample to taste when you go through and then a glass of your choice of Beer or a soft drink at the completion.
Mr Fab was pretty darn impressed.

We then thought we better go to Grants Farm and see where they keep the baby Clydesdales.....

Again - I am moving in as they live pretty darn well.


Another brilliant day comes to an end with all of us tired but happy. See you soon Fabsters and remember ......

Revamp, Restore & Be Fabulous

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