Thursday, 10 July 2014

Come sit under The Apple Tree with me.

Check out this morning and collecting the Hire Car for the last part of this lot of Fabulous Fun. We are driving back to Iowa following Mish & Mark in their car.

I have mentioned Mr Fabs Howard Hughes like behaviour since we embarked on this trip and I have honestly never seen anyone so completely obsessed with washing his hands and using hand sanitiser. Well the worst happened and this morning he woke up feeling vaguely dodgy so decided to knock it out of the ball park ...*clever use of Baseball analogy* and take some Panadol or similar. I gave him some I had brought when we arrived and the good thing about the pain relief here is it is bloody brilliant.
I didnt even THINK to read what the container said as they had worked for me so figured they would for him as well.
As we were driving I kept saying to him " Are you ok?"
He didnt sound right and kept saying he was tired. I was baffled as he had managed a good sleep the night before and was fine when we started.

We pulled in to visit Apple Tree Antiques and I thought I might read the container ........


"Will cause sleepyness and do not take more than 1 in 24 hours"

He had ......... 3.

He promptly laid the seat back and fell asleep while the rest of us wandered about the Property.


I had pretty much passed out, swooned, fainted, been revived, fainted again and had to have a Bex and a good lie down BEFORE I even entered the Sorting part of the store. They have the Shop where everything is marked and set up beautifully and they have the junk shed where everything is tossed in willynilly and you walk through carefully while open mouthed in gobsmacked shock.

Well for someone like me who Revamps & Restores I was almost in tears by the end of the first round of looking. So much delicious chippy goodness I was in heaven.

Vintage masons randomly stacked on raggady old shelves next to scrumptious chippy boxes and crates piled high on top of raggady old electrical transformers ........


STOP IT TRACY!!!! *slap slap respounding forehead slap* I spoke quite severly to myself that I am FS Vintage and I have a job to do. Masons need replenishing back home so lets get this done NOW.

There was a cabinet inside filled to the brim with rare jars and I am pretty sure my heart stopped beating for a full second as I looked at Jars I can dream of finding.
The prices at Apple Tree are reasonable but I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and finding the rare jars for myself. I have managed to find ONE Lightning Jar in Australia which made me swoon so it was quite gobsmacking to see a few of them in varying sizes in one place. I have now actually seen a Number 13  Vintage Mason ...... Yep they had a Number 13. The interesting thing about the Number 13 is they are constantly touted as rare. Yes they are rare in so far as they are vintage jars but my research over the many years we have been collecting is that the housewives during the depression did not in fact smash them should they have a 13 on the bottom. Times were harsh back then and to waste a perfectly good jar by smashing it would simply not have been done. Think about it people ....... these people were literally living day to day, hand to mouth and no money to spare for anything. Could you see a Depression Housewive deliberately smashing a preserve jar simply because the number 13 was stamped on the bottom?

No - neither could I. HOWEVER - I was seriousy tempted but had to behave myself.

I was hearing the seductive siren call of a Gallon Lightning Jar but I have to be mindful that Mr Fab is over the top indulgent in our Collection at home and in fact has selected various Jars from our shipments to keep on the Fabulous Kitchen Shelves but I am pretty sure I would have used all my Indulgence Tickets for a lifetime iff I had of purchased any of the Rare ones here. The Hoosier Jars also almost sucked me in but .................... * sigh* I was strong.

Back to Fabulous business and replenishing stock. We grabbed some stock jars ..... And it is pretty amazing that we have to import them to Australia and here they are laying about like apples fallen from a tree .......

Also grabbed some pretty fab vintage cigarette tins for The Shop which we will have for sale with us when we do the VIntage Fair on the 19th.

Mish and the owner kept asking me had I seen West End Salvage which is a show on here and I had to admit I had not. I had walked past this guy three times and he had said Hello and Howdy everytime so he must have thought I was a complete knob as I had no idea who he was.

I wandered back to The Shed and said to him:

" You are on a TV Show right?"

He laughed and told me about West End Salvage and what they do so I will be tuning in to check it out when we get home.
He is also a Priest ( damn iff we are not constantly seeing Messangers of God on this trip????) and then he said he had to have a hug with me ......... So we did.

He may well have thought I was a dumb Aussie with all my questions ........

He also gave me his autograph ..........

Good Times ......... Good times indeed.

We arrived safe and sound at Polk City Iowa and after some washing and general tidy up it was an early night for all.

Tomorrow is another day of Junk Shops and groceries ....... I Love grocery shopping in America!!!!!!!!

Revamp,Restore and Be Fabulous.

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