Monday, 14 July 2014

Farewell till we meet again America .....

Have I mentioned how much we love Iowa? 


Thankyou to our friends Michelle & Mark for having us in your home and making us feel like we were in our own.

*bottomlip tremble*


Ok so we spent the last couple of days chilling out and just enjoying the time with our friends till we see them again. There is something about Iowa we both love. From the houses to the people - everything makes us feel very Zen.

On Thursday evening we decided to show M & M - an Aussie Barby. We grabbed some steaks the size of a doorstep, made some Potato in Jacket and make sure you are sitting down people .....

I made a Pavlova ....

Oh yeahhhhhhh I DID. Keep the fainting and swooning in shock down to a minimum please.

We drank good wine and just talked and ate and basically had a blissful time.

On Friday evening we all piled into the car and went to The Snus Hill Winery. This was very very cool. What happens is you take some picnic fare like cheese or fruit or whatever you like and you grab a bottle of their wine to partake in as you listen to some fab music and chill out on a balmy mid western evening...


In heaven much?????????

The music was awesome with some very cool blues to soothe the soul .....

Sadly all good things must close for at least a little while so on Saturday morning we loaded ourselves and our stuff into the hire car and began the trek across country to LA. 
Ok ok I will admit it here and now - I did get a wee bit emotional after giving them a huge hug and had to quickly get in the car .....

We drove across Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and finally back into California. Mr Fab kept amusing himself by doing impersonations of .... me.
Apparently I do some quite odd things .....

I wish it wasnt as funny as it is.

Make a note here: Under NO circumstances stay at the Green River Ramada ....... UGH

I asked Mr Fab did he want to divert to Reno for a quickie divorce but he said he wants to stay married to me......

*girly giggle that I promise will NEVER happen again*

A very long drive but again we have seen quite a lot of America!!!! Just out of Nevada we hit quite a stretch of traffic and Mr Fab did start to get a wee bit cranky with nutters who were driving ....

THEN we hit the LA freeway.

DEAR GOD PEOPLE!!!! Seriously??????? I mean SERIOUSLY??????????? 

Gertie the GPS kept saying : "Stay to the left then stay in the left lane but move the right lane ..."

Across 5 lanes of gridlocked traffic???????? We had a couple of people make rude gestures and one woman in her big black truck with daffodils was very undaffodilly as she screeched past us.

I need to mention how incredible Mr Fab was. We do work well together but it was insane stupid scary in that traffic. I am navigator which I did very well indeed - but then the Fuel Gauge made a beeping sound and told us we had 25 Miles left of petrol.........


We both just looked at each other and had those "OH MY GAWD" faces people get in situations like that.
We followed Gertie and her instructions all the while noting out loud that we had 10 miles of petrol and 2 miles to destination ....... SHUTUP GERTIE!!!!!!

We made it to a petrol station and basically sat there blinking for a few moments before a high five and Mr Fab crawling out of the car to throw in $20 of gas....

Now it is time to be vegetables in our Travelodge at LAX hotel and think about tomorrow .....

After all tomorrow is another day .....

Revamp, Restore & Be Fabulous.


  1. Oh Tracy I can so relate....LA is HORRENDOUS to drive in....!!!!! I'm glad you've both had such a WONDERFUL time....It makes all the hard work in between worthwhile....Have a safe, comfortable flight back & we'll 'see' you soon....!!!!!

    Tamarah xx

    1. Thanks Tam! We go without to travel so it makes it all worthwhile indeed! See you soon!

  2. looks like you had an awesome trip

    1. We did indeed and cant wait to come back!