Friday, 4 July 2014

All the way to Skagway!

Day 5:

Another glorious day in Alaska as we sail into Skagway. Todays adventures are the White Pass Railway & .......Suspension Bridge *shudder*
Gotta tell ya Fabsters .... feeling a tad nervous about the good ol Suspension Bridge. I am DETERMINED to do it. Overcoming fears blah blah blah testing one's self blah blah blah going the extra mile blah blah blah what doesnt kill you makes you stronger ..AGAIN blah blah.
UGH ... fingers crossed it doesnt kill me?



Ok so we take the bus to the railway yard to catch the old train up the White Pass to the Yukon over the Canadian Border. We had to take our passports and our train was boarded by Customs people for inspection before we were allowed into Canada.

It was a wild ride with some dark tunnels and some quite hairy views DOWN. I cant even begin to imagine what it must have been like 100 plus years ago when the men coming to the gold fields had to carry a Ton of supplies to see them through the winter.

Across the border into Canada and arrival at The Yukon Suspension Bridge. Mr Fab thought it was hilarious as I took one look and literally gulped.

HOWEVER ......... I was determined so onwards and across!!!!!

Of couuuuurse there is always some kid who's parents think he is so cute ...generally called Tarquin or something along those lines who thinks it is HILARIOUS to jump.


I did it. I have done it. No need to do it again. Nothing to see here .... moving on.

They had a very cool cabin set up as it would have been set up for a trapper back in the day which was interesting.

Back on the bus and a windy drive back down to Skagway. The four of us decided to walk part way back to the Ship and have a little look at the town of Skagway. It has a summer population of about 1500 and literally shuts down for winter with a population of about 800.

We talked about what it would have looked like 100 years ago and what this street would have been like with the mud and the snow ect. The boardwalks are literally Boards covering the walkways. Very touristy but fun!

Princess Nap time before heading out to The Chocolate Buffet where they apparently make EVERYTHING in chocolate????

My view this afternoon before we sailed was pretty darn hard to take .......

A relaxing evening with a scrumptious dinner in one of the normal dining rooms .... yeah yeah ya gotta show support ... then a pleasant walk back to the Suite.

Day 6: 
At sea. Arrggghhhhhhhh Me Hearties ...... Avast ye rambooking rumshots I be wearing me Piraty sailing suit. No landlubbing for this here bilgepumping sea dawg. There be no heave hoing over ye ballastrade. *All said in a Piraty voice*

*insert piraty wink*

We are rolling like a Jaffa down the movie aisle people but so far my tummy is staying perfectly fabulous. Cannot BEGIN to tell you how happy I am about that.

We decided this morning to opt for the Room Service Breakfast and while very nice? We prefer to go to Modernos .... our exclusive breakfast destination ... and partake of their buffet ...... As a do when in a Suite ....

Just sayin.

Oh I thought you might like to see the apparently BEST Choc or Candy Bar that thery have in Canada and is ONLY available in Canada and nowhere else in the world........

Now you have seen it. Tastes like Caramel and Chocolate and biscuite kinda sorta.

Also decided this morning as we are at Sea to go and check out the onboard Shop where you can purchase everything from a key chain to a $10,000 diamond ring. It is all quite bizarre. Grabbed a couple of Norwegian Cruise Line T shirts for Mr Fab and myself but sadly had to leave the diamonds behind. The crowds were feral as there were a squillion people all on board and the ship tossing about all over the place.

Dinner tonight is in the Garden Cafe Buffet which we like when there are not the aformentioned squillion people all deciding a Buffet is a GREAT idea.

Then on to one of the Shows in the Stardust Theatre. The Show was called La Cirque Bijou and was terrific! 
We will be spending the last day in Victoria Canada and do not get in till 2.30. We have opted to go with no Tours and just walk around and have a look! 

Have to show you the silly Towel Creations that greet us when we come into The Suite in the evening. David - our Room Attendant is hilarious. A huge Jamacian that sounds and looks like a huge Jamaican. 

We laughed out loud at the monkey because we walked in and were dissapointed that we couldnt find anything on the bed ....... then we looked up to find him hanging from the privacy curtains....

As ya do.

Revamp, Restore and Be Fabulous!


  1. WOW Tracy....I'm thinking I need to do that cruise....The view, the chocolate the animal towels....TOTALLY AWESOME....!!!!!