Monday, 24 November 2014


I know I don't normally talk about deep stuff but today has been a day of revelation & renewal.

Many many years ago I met a girl called Sue or Suze as I called her. We became friends .... Our kids were friends and still are to this day but somewhere along the road of life Sue & I ... well we simply didnt seem to be friends anymore.

I moved away and basically went on and about life as you do and didnt give it much thought.

Well no that actually is a flat out lie. I sometimes thought about her and remembered times where I laughed so hard I near peed myself and then times where we helped each other through not so fun things.

A few months ago we kinda sorta started to say hello on Facebook ~ yep Facebook ~ and then the other day she approached me to ask about coming over to do a Websters Class and then she called me ... on the phone ... with her voice!!!

The pieces Sue transformed using Websters Chalk Paint Powder & L├ęssentiel Wax

Geezuz people I near passed out and was very nervous about the whole thing. Last night I walked around the house like a complete dork checking this and that to make sure everything was perfect and THEN dropped a half a large container of our Number One Fragrance ...... all over the garage floor ... and the laundry ... and the workroom ... and the work trolley ... You get the drift........... Then spent a delightful hour or so trying to clean up the mess.

Bonus is the downstairs smells AMAZING.

As usual I digress .....

Anyway she turns up today with her pieces to revamp using Websters Chalk Paint Powder and I kid you not ~ it was like we had been with each other three days ago.

There was not even a bump or a glitch and we both commented on the fact it felt like we had not been apart for 12 years.

Yes 12 years.

The really really interesting part was MY perception of what happened and HER perception of what happened were so far apart and different it was bizarre.
We both took responsibility for our parts ~ I was going through some pretty dreadful times and my self esteem was seriously lower than the lowest you can go so my thoughts on what was happening were completely different to hers. Suze had her own thoughts on what was happening and the sad part is the waste. I cannot even remember the incident she thought was the catalyst......... I honestly have no recollection at all???
What a waste of 12 years.

12 years of fun , laughter, tears, pain and joy...... wasted.

Sue hand makes exquisite quilts and goes by the name of  Piccadilly Patch.  I had asked her to bring a few along to stock in The Shop. I was like a kid in a lolly shop going through the beautiful artisan product she had delivered. I spotted this one and my heart actually skipped a beat and my first thought was :

Hand Made Quilt by Piccadilly Patch

 "Dear god I hope she does Lay-by" ( she does and so do we)

I am like all dewy eyed as I am a firm Blue & White Gal and always have been so I am stuttering about price and she is standing there saying: "You have to find the tag so it says what it is made of and the price"....

I found the tag ...... and prompty burst into tears. Yep GIRL CENTRAL right on the floor of FS Vintage.

Hand made Quilt by Piccadilly Patch

It seems this Quilt was made for ME back in 2002 and has been on a wall mount waiting to come home.

No matter how many people said :
"Ohhhhh How much can I buy it?"
Sue resolutely shook her blonde head and said:
 "Nope that's Tracy's Quilt".

Eventually I settled down enough to conduct one of our Private Workshops and we spent a delightful few hours catching up on everything in our lives.
(I also asked her why the bloody hell she didn't give me MY quilt 12 years ago ..........sheesh!)

We are thrilled to be stocking such a beautifully made product and well ............they are seriously Fabulous.!!!!! The attention to detail is mind boggling!
Once I have some individual shots I will load these on our Website or you can contact us on our Facebook Page or go direct to Sue at Piccadilly Patch for a specially designed Quilt made to order.

Selection of Quilts now available at FS Vintage
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Absolutely brilliant day and I hope with all my stone cold heart that it is not 12 years before we spend time together again ...... and her pieces turned out pretty darn awesome as well.

So check out the transformation of drab to fab using Websters ... Ohhhh noice quilt on the chair as well!


Stay Fabulous!

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