Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Time for a change ...

To be honest I am not very good with change but sometimes a gal has to do what a gal has to do.

When we started doing Mason Jars they were out of the ordinary and a little bit different. We tend to love the industrial look rather than the pretty shabby look so the Masons and our iconic Fowler Jars fitted us perfectly.
We have always had our Fowler jars as part of our private collection, and made soy candles in them for ourselves, but didn't really begin selling them till after we began importing the Vintage masons from the US.

The time has come for a new look but still staying true to our Industrial roots. The search began for something that basically said ~ Hello I am Fabulous!
Fear not my friends .... we will still be importing cool, funky Vintage Masons & continuing to make our Fowler Soy.

Introducing our New Fab Jar. Yep we named it our Fab Jar because we can ....

Love how the look ...

Love how they burn ...

Love them in general.

Clean, crisp and Industrial!

These will be part of our range and we may try a few different sizes. This one was picked to start with after the initial testing showed us they are perfectly Fabulous.

The really cool part is we can keep them at the amazing price of just $19.50.

Available now at FS Vintage.com

Stay Fabulous!


  1. They are Fabulous jars ! Yes, sometimes a girl.....So true !

    A big hug from Holland xxx

    1. Big hug back attcha Shirley! Thanks for commenting!