Saturday, 6 April 2013

Are you feeling Blue?

Vintage Perfect Mason Jar with Heritage Blue Perfect Mason Jar
Around the beginning of the year I was googling for some information on a Vintage jar when I came across ...The Limited Edition Heritage Ball Blue Mason Jar. This Jar was commissioned and produced by Ball to commemorate 100 years of the Perfect Mason. I almost swooned ~literally. My heart started beating faster and I was fanning myself like a delicate  Southern Belle ~ Ohhh lordy ~ Ah do de CLARE I said to myself (still fanning) I have to have those!!!! So began The Search. Eventually I found out they would not be released till March so I started contacting a few American companies I had used in the past for our normal square Half pint Masons. Wasn't getting very much feedback so I spoke to our dear friends in the US and said ~FIND ME SOME OF THESE JARS!!!!

Subtlety is not my strong point....

Heritage Ball Mason Blue
Thankfully she found me what I was looking for and the long process began. We are not 100% sure but pretty darn close to it ~that we may well be the first ones in Australia to have these jars!!! How exciting is that??? Yes VERY exciting.......and kinda cool but nerve wracking! We have sold out of the first batch and have ordered again from the same supplier ~ Bless em ~ and should have more stock in about 2 weeks ~ fingers crossed.
You can of course purchase them from us empty but DAMN ~they seriously make the most beautiful soy candle EVER. I have them burning every single day (In the interests of testing for quality control ~ as ya do....) and I have to say they are probably up there as my faves. Well I love all the jars but ~*serene sigh* They are so beautiful...... 
Heritage Ball Mason Blue Soy Candle

Are we bored yet?

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