Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Tinting Fiasco

Huge disaster
Thought I would try my hand at Mason Jar tinting ~Cannot even begin to tell you what an abysmal failure it was. I now have a sink full of weirdly tinted wide mouth mason jars and a dishwasher full of the ones I have managed to remove the Mod Podge from. 
I tried both the American and Australian versions ~found on many many pages and Blogs. Followed the instructions TO THE LETTER.....
and I have come to the conclusion ~I suck at Mason Jar tinting.

This will NOT be something available at Fabulous Scents Vintage. 

Think we may just stick to what we know.....

Quilted Ball Mason Jar as Fabulous Scents Vintage Soy Candle with Rusty Lid

Keep being fabulous

fs vintage

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