Saturday, 6 April 2013

Its been Months

Vintage Pint Perfect Mason Jar Candle Photo By Kate Redmond Photography
Its been months since I have written ~where to begin?  Sadly I have let the frustration of others really get to me which really? STUPID! So ~why not write about it?
Let us begin ~ When we started doing Mason Jars as a soy candle ~both Vintage and new last year ~ oh my goodness ~ we were poo pooed ~ "You cant use those ~they are not candle JARS"? "Are you insane?" / "They wont sell"/ "Yuk they look stupid"/ and so on and so on. We ignored it and brought our first batch of jars and proceeded to turn them into beautiful candles. We tested those suckas for weeks and weeks till we had it PERFECT! Initially? *shrug* Yeah sure slow going but after awhile? People were contacting us to say ~"Hey I love those jars to". 
Gotta tell you ~I was chuffed! So we sorted out which ones worked ~and which ones were a dismal failure and eventually we managed to stock exactly what people wanted.

Vintage Perfect Ball Mason Jar Candle with Burning Heritage Blue Ball Mason Jar candle
Then the emails began ~Yep people telling us that this page and that page on Facebook had started to copy. Gotta tell you ~that saying? Imitation is the highest form of flattery? Nope its not. Its annoying and frustrating and in this Bloggers opinion? RUDE! Get your own bloody ideas and dont pinch mine! Now settle down people ~Not saying we here at Fabulous Scents Vintage are the Boss of Mason Jar candles but DAMN ~Cant you at least find your own way of packaging????? Don't copy mine!
Hmmm do I feel refreshed finally saying all this? You betcha! And I must add ~it is nice to be back and continuing my woffling. Read this or dont ~your choice ~but come along for the ride as I regale you with whats happening.

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