Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Peeps ~Its the middle of the week and to be honest? I awoke on this rainy day not feeling very Fabulous. Ohhh no not at all ~generally a pretty upbeat and perky kinda gal ~various things managed to drag me down. "Begone Rapscallions "~ I said to my Doldrums......... and begone they did. 
Photo  By Isaac Weddings 2013

 We were lucky enough today to have a visit from Adrian ~One half of the amazing New and Fabulous Magazine called ~Isaac Weddings! What a bloody brilliant Idea folks??? Seriously??? Its a colorful fun magazine full of really really cool articles and information. All the help a Girl could need planning her Big Day from Around the House Do it Yourself Ideas ~ ( I am serious ~funnest Idea Ever on how to quickly and efficiently make your guests wine glass personal! ~I reckon even I could do it ~ not withstanding the never to be again mentioned Mason Glass Tinting Fiasco ... or the Chalk Paint Fiasco .. or ~I digress as usual). Beautiful pictures including the one I have gone back to from Frosted Delights Cakery ~ A gorgeous Wedding Cake surrounded by frilly lace which is ICING??????? *SWOONWORTHY*

Photo By Isaac Weddings 2013
 Poor Adrian made the mistake of asking about our Mason Jars while in the Fab Shoppe Of Sorts ~the poor man had the bewildered look of someone hit in the face with a fish after I said "Well ~Adrian ~Let me tell you ~Back in 1913.................". The man now has a brain full of trivia from why Vintage Masons are Blue to when the Heritage Blues will discontinue. He took it all in his stride and must have been listening ~after a night shift~ ( I was impressed by THAT) ~ as he did ask some really good questions!
Now the Mag is chock full of super fab things like Naturally Beautiful ~information and recipes for natural facials for your Big Day / Seasonal Flower information / Where to have your Wedding/ Stories from Beautiful Brides and as mentioned ~ Do it Yourself Tips and Step by Step Tutorials. Thats just a small portion of whats inside!

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Stay Fabulous

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