Monday, 8 April 2013

Its Monday

Heritage Blue Mason Jars
Monday has rolled around again ~ Pour day here at fs vintage. Now today is kinda interesting because I am doing ~ vintage glassware along with Heritage Blues and stock. A customer has entrusted me with their Uranium Depression glassware and Russian Teacups. I don't sell recycled vintage glassware but I am happy to refill it for customers. I wont fill anything that doesn't " feel right " ~ or on inspection ~ has even the smallest or most miniscule fracture / scrape or crack.  Also the last of the Heritage Blues are rolling out and I must admit ~its kinda sad. The frenzy they created still leaves me blinking like an owl in surprise! Wow! I had no idea when we first started to think about bringing them into fs vintage that they would be received even HALF as well as they have been. And ~ yeah yeah ok I admit its STILL kinda deliciously squirmy cool that we seem to be the only ones with them ~ Makes me feel all serene and zen just thinking about it.
Update on that ~New American order on the way and Australian order ~still no more information other than May 1st.

Stay Fabulous....

fs vintage

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